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‘before you entrust someone with typesetting your valuable manuscript, you’ll want to know a bit about the business and the people behind it.’
Wise Business Philosophy

. . . founded in 1979

. . . staffed by a cheerful, dedicated team who have been with the business for up to 25 years

. . . underpinned with knowledge and skill sets that have transcended the traditional art of typesetting into the modern digital age

PPG Team 2022

Ann Wilson took over ownership of Post Pre-Press Group in 2012, at a time when the typesetting industry was being swamped by ‘digital graphic designers’ and ‘instant desktop publishing experts’.

Ann saw that the business had an exciting opportunity to become a leader in the modern digital typesetting world because book publishers needed typesetters with more than digital layout skills.  Ann knew that the rare combination of the Post Pre-Press team’s extensive experience, traditional knowledge and modern digital skills, meant that they had a unique, professional advantage.

The Post Pre-press team are very proud of the books they help produce and get tremendously excited when they see their work come to life in bookstores and online.

The team

Ann Wilson

Ann Wilson

Owner of Post Pre-Press Group, Author of the Entrepreneurs Guide to Self-Publishing.

Business Values: Honesty, integrity, doing what we say we’re going to do – always.

When Not Working: Cherishes spending time with her husband and four children, and helping writers to achieve their publishing dreams through volunteering at the Brisbane Writers Festival and supporting the Australian Book Design Awards. Board member of the QLD Writers Centre.

Michelle Van Dyk

Michelle Van Dyk

Michelle is our Office Manager, Bookkeeper and Marketing Coordinator, and adept at keeping us all organised.

She has worked in the book and publishing industry for over 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

When Not Working: Catching up with her three grown children, and spending time with a good book or two whilst camping in the great outdoors.

Renee Bahr

Renee Bahr

Renee is a Mac whizz, especially when it comes to typesetting and graphic design.

She worked in the advertising and printing sectors in Melbourne before returning to the year round sunshine of Queensland.

When Not Working:  Loves indulging the whims of her two cats and is relishing the challenge of renovating her home.

Julian Mole

Julian Mole

Julian is our longest-serving staff member and a very experienced typesetter.

He began his career in England working in advertising and printing, before emigrating to the lucky country and joining us at Post Pre-Press.

When Not Working:  Relaxing and enjoying life with his wife and two daughters, and following his great passion – baseball.

Anne Mariet

Anne-Marie Tripp

Anne-Marie joined our team in 2020 in the role of editor and proofreader.

She has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in philosophy and literature, and will complete her Master of Writing, Editing, and Publishing in mid-2022.

When Not Working:  Anne-Marie enjoys spending time with her dog, reading, and learning to sew.

The art of typesetting

In our opinion, ‘type is everything’ to a design. It is how we communicate complex messages effectively.

With the rapid transformation of this industry, many inexperienced designers rely on software to dictate layout. They see text as a free flowing medium within a box or a cell, and are not taught the finer arts of kerning, leading, tracking, aligning and typesetting headings and text in the correct way. They have little formal training in the strategies behind layout grids, alignment, and typeface and font choices to suit audience type, branding authenticity and publishing requirements.

This is the traditional knowledge that separates the amateurs from the pros.

 ‘There’s much more to professional
typesetting than learning graphic
design and using software.’
Ann Wilson

The art of service

Another opinion we have, is ‘service is everything’ to our clients. Most of our clients have been with us for years and years, because they trust us to manage their projects properly. In fact we guarantee that we will.

The Post Pre-Press 7 Point Guarantee

  1. We will deliver all work as scoped in the quote.
  2. We will triple check layouts to ensure accuracy of text flow and graphic elements.
  3. We will deliver within the agreed time.
  4. We will deliver on budget.
  5. Your sensitive data will remain secure and private.
  6. We will not sub-contract your work out, it will be done in-house by our skilled team.
  7. If for any reason you feel that we haven’t met these guarantees, the project will be rectified at no extra cost until you are 100% satisfied.

The art of giving

We regularly donate to our charity B1G1 to support worthy projects around the world.  Our  customers enjoy getting involved in choosing the projects we help fund.

Like to chat about your next project?

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