‘. . . a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end’
Oxford Dictionary

Managing a typesetting project to achieve all the desired outcomes involves careful planning and execution.

Our proven project management process ensures nothing is overlooked.

Our Process for Preparing Books for Publication

  1. Client supplies manuscript as a Word document along with a design brief or if client requires design, design brief is provided by Post Pre-press.
  2. Fixed quote for supply of first pages and an hourly rate for corrections thereafter is delivered to the client.
  3. Sample pages supplied based on design brief.
  4. Any changes to sample pages are taken in and resubmitted for approval.
  5. Manuscript formatted in Indesign.
  6. Formatted files are checked against supplied manuscript for layout, consistency of design, hyphenation, widows and orphans etc.
  7. First pages supplied to client as  PDFs either as single pages, double page spreads or both.
  8. Client and editor takes in any corrections either directly into the PDF as marked up comments or hand writes corrections onto the printed out PDF.
  9. Corrections are sent back and these are taken in by the typesetter.
  10. All corrections are checked along with all reflow.
  11. These are sent back to the client as a PDF.
  12. Process continues until final files have been approved.
  13. Print Ready files are supplied.
  14. If required, Epub files are created and supplied.

Our Process for Corporate Publications


We work with you to ensure your deadline is comfortably met, and any last minute adjustments are coordinated seamlessly.

Final art

We provide final files in either web ready format or high quality print format, or both–depending on your needs. Formats include low res pdf for web use, high res pdf printing, and all InDesign files.


All work is undertaken by our staff: we do not sub-contract to other providers. Your files are kept secure and your project remains completely confidential.

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