‘. . . the activity of arranging printed text and images on the page when preparing a book, newspaper, etc. for printing’
Cambridge Dictionary

Regardless of whether your publication will be consumed in printed or digital format, the interior design can make or break a reader’s enjoyment, and comprehension.

A well designed interior needs balance in two important areas:

  1. typesetting – what is typesetting? font choices, type size, spacing, kerning, tracking, leading, punctuation, widows and orphans, hyphens, scaling, justification, etc; and
  2. layout – margins, columns, white space, running heads, footers, new chapter design, illustrations, images, captions, call outs, etc.

what is typesetting

what is typesetting
what is typesetting
what is typesetting
what is typesetting

Why typesetting and layout decisions are crucial

Good typography makes reading effortless.  Good layout creates the right impression and delivers a great reader experience.

There is no one-size-fits-all.

Typesetting and layout choices will depend upon your target audience, the author or publishing organisation, the type of publication, the printing process, and the budget.

For example:

  • The recommendations we make for typesetting and layout choices for a cookbook will be very different to those for an educational text book.
  • The choices for a fiction book will depend on the age of the reader, and often the genre.
  • When creating corporate reports, guides or whitepapers, our recommendations are based on the business brand and image, the desired impression, and the target audience.

Making the right recommendations and delivering a well-balanced and professionally presented publication takes years of experience and professional training.

what is typesetting

What we can help you with

Whether your job is in digital format, or a raw manuscript requiring keying-in, we offer a full range of typesetting services including:

  • Placing text and illustrations in an effective and appropriate combination.
  • Applying a layout that is uniform, predictable and creates impact.
  • Taking care of kerning, leading, widows, orphans, alignment, text wrapping and the many other fine adjustments to provide a document that is elegant, clear and readable.
  • Delivering the final files in the format required by the publisher or printer.

How we work with you

An important part of our role is to guide our clients through the thousands of typesetting and layout options, and make recommendations for the combination that we believe will achieve the best outcome.

We have a proven project management process that ensures that we deliver every project to spec, within the timeframe, and to budget.

Like to chat about your next project?

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