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The typesetting process – explained  

For those out-of-the-know, typesetting can seem like a pretty elusive undertaking. We know that the books, magazines, and corporate documents we read every day have been typeset somewhere along the line, but what exactly that involved, we’re not so sure. The truth is, typesetting is a measured task that requires plenty of planning and forethought [...]


Is grammar important? Yes – and here’s why

In today’s digital world, written communication is instant and informal. Whether via text or email, poor grammar has never been more acceptable. We all use slang, abbreviations, and even emojis to communicate our message, in both our personal and work lives. The question, then, is this: is grammar important? Or, is it an out-dated system [...]


What’s the difference between serif and sans serif typefaces?

Fonts convey various moods. Some appear more professional and conservative. Others evoke a sense of playfulness. When it comes time to typeset your publication – whether that be a printed novel, self-published eBook, or corporate document – selecting the correct typeface is critical. Choose the wrong one, and you could distract, confuse, or mislead your [...]


15+ surprising statistics about reading and books

Reading plays a significant role in our lives. It’s how we learn, express ourselves, and communicate with others. We’ve accumulated over 15 surprising statistics about reading and books, what our habits are, our reading preferences, and how our before-bed reading session could be extending our lifespan. Let’s get started. Australian reading habits According to [...]


What is readability?

Have you ever picked up a book or corporate publication and struggled to read it comfortably? Sure, the letters were decipherable, but there was something you couldn’t quite put your finger on preventing you from actually comprehending the message. Sounds like the text you were reading lacked what’s known as readability. In this article, [...]


The state of the Australian book market: An update for 2019

We still get a lot of love for our 2016 post on the state of the Australian book market. As we know, technology changes the way we consume books and literature – and rapidly – so it’s time for a brief update. The book market is growing For the fifth year in a row now, [...]


8 mistakes people make when working with a typesetter

Almost ready to contact a typesetter to polish up your manuscript before publication? Congratulations! As you get ready to brief the typesetter of your choice, have a read of some of the most common mistakes we see clients and authors make. Avoid these and enjoy a stress-free typesetting process that results in an attractive, [...]


DIY typesetting: why you shouldn’t typeset your own book

You’ve finished your manuscript and decided to take the route of self-publishing. Now, it’s time to prepare your text for your reader by investing in top-quality typesetting – or maybe not. Self-publishing has become a popular choice for authors of all kinds, and in the DIY spirit, many are choosing to typeset their manuscripts themselves. [...]