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Pan Macmillan:  Book, First We Make the Beast Beautiful

Post Pre-press Group has been providing typesetting services to publishers Pan Macmillan for more than 20 years.  This second book from Sarah Wilson of ‘I Quit Sugar’ fame, explores her and life dealing with severe anxiety.
The publisher and author required a different, more complex layout for this 90,000-word paperback and eBook. The scope included the creation of visual elements to highlight tips, notes and observations. We also needed to introduce a different formatting style for the chapter numbers, which involved them  running throughout the text, as opposed to the standard starting of a new chapter.
Challenges included a very tight deadline from the manuscript being supplied to the print date, and positioning of many break out boxes, side notes and Tip/Irony observations to ensure they appeared at the exact point requested by the author and editor. This was particularly challenging when it came to putting together the ebook version because the side notes had to appear with the text that it related to and stay within the relevant flow of the ebook. This is a challenge with reflowable epub and mobi files.
  1. The author had been promised a print date and the timeframe for working on this project was extremely tight. Working closely with the editor we provided files in a timely manner.
  2. Working with the specifications from the Designer, we worked out the best solutions for making the text fit within the required margins.
  3. When creating the ebook, ensuring the side notes appeared in the correct position was a big challenge, which we achieved through making adjustments to the epub coding.
The publisher and the author have a book that stands out from the crowd. It challenges traditional book layouts to provide a visually appealing presentation in both printed and ebook format.

First We Make the Beast Beautiful is a book like no other and we are proud of the contribution we have made to this very special book.