Affirm Press: Book, The Alien Zoo

by Adrian Beck & Heath McKenzie

We’ve been working with Affirm Press since 2016, and they asked us to create an internal design and typeset the 20,000-word children’s book ‘The Alien Zoo’, a story that’s funny, mysterious and a little bit rude.
The publisher and authors required a design layout that would suit readers aged 8 to 11. It needed to be fun and appealing, whilst remaining easy to read. The scope included ensuring the illustrations matched with the text to make it an interactive read.
Challenges included working with a rather loose initial design brief, that was finessed as the project progressed. The authors didn’t want any ‘normal’ children’s book: they wanted a book that was interactive. Eg: at certain points you will need to take actions- such as fold it, hold up to the light, and tilt at  angles, in order to find out what it is telling you.
Working closely with the editor, Clare, we constructed a timeframe and publishing/design concept that would allow us to create the files for The Alien Zoo.

At each stage of the process we collaborated with the editor to ensure this highly interactive book met the exacting specifications requested by author and illustrators.

Illustrations were manipulated to fit the text; and text was adjusted to fit and flow visually with the illustrations.

This process ensured reading was both easy and fun, taking kid’s eyes on a visual journey.

The publisher and the author have a book that stands out from the crowd. Readers have a fun book that both children and their parents enjoy reading. The Alien Zoo is not just a book, it is an experience.
“It is rare to find a resource like Post – a team with an innate understanding of how text and visual elements can be combined to be more than the sum of their parts. Their work is always performed to an impeccable standard in a timely and reliable manner. Post’s design and layout work on the Alien Zoo books showcased their knack for finding creative solutions, and their unique skillset enhances any project they’re engaged with.”

Davina Bell, Editor, Affirm Press