Desktop Publishing and The Visual Art of Typesetting

Beautiful, effective documents and publications are usually designed by someone who understands visual art, and the power of typesetting. Visual communication is more powerful than ever. To stand out and arrest attention, your message needs to be clear, eye-catching, and reflective of your professional brand. Marketing as the foundation of document creation Back in the [...]


The typesetting process – explained  

For those out-of-the-know, typesetting can seem like a pretty elusive undertaking. We know that the books, magazines, and corporate documents we read every day have been typeset somewhere along the line, but what exactly that involved, we’re not so sure. The truth is, typesetting is a measured task that requires plenty of planning and forethought [...]


What is readability?

Have you ever picked up a book or corporate publication and struggled to read it comfortably? Sure, the letters were decipherable, but there was something you couldn’t quite put your finger on preventing you from actually comprehending the message. Sounds like the text you were reading lacked what’s known as readability. In this article, [...]


8 mistakes people make when working with a typesetter

Almost ready to contact a typesetter to polish up your manuscript before publication? Congratulations! As you get ready to brief the typesetter of your choice, have a read of some of the most common mistakes we see clients and authors make. Avoid these and enjoy a stress-free typesetting process that results in an attractive, [...]


DIY typesetting: why you shouldn’t typeset your own book

You’ve finished your manuscript and decided to take the route of self-publishing. Now, it’s time to prepare your text for your reader by investing in top-quality typesetting – or maybe not. Self-publishing has become a popular choice for authors of all kinds, and in the DIY spirit, many are choosing to typeset their manuscripts themselves. [...]


January updates and a family recipe from your local typesetters

Happy New Year to all. After a short break, your local typesetters are back and ready to transform exceptional manuscripts into attractive, informative, and easy-to-read publications. I’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on a few things from 2018, share a New Year’s resolution or two, divulge a delicious family recipe passed down from [...]


How to choose a typesetter: 5 critical considerations

If you’re looking to hire a typesetter to improve the look and readability of your publication, you’ve landed in the right place. Not all typesetters have the skills, services, or timeframe needed to ensure your text is a success. In this article, we’ll cover five critical considerations to make as you decide which typesetter to [...]


Why does typesetting matter?

Unless you’ve written a book or worked in publishing or as a designer, you’ve probably never given typesetting a second thought. The thing is, proper typesetting is critical to an enjoyable and effortless reader experience – whether you’re publishing in print or digitally. What is typesetting? Typesetting refers to the design and arrangement text on [...]


Why doesn’t my ebook typesetting look like my printed book?

Like fashion, trends in the internal design and layout of books go through phases and some of the recent trends are not translating from print to ebook typesetting. One of the trends we are currently seeing for books, especially nonfiction business or self-help books is for them to be heavily styled. Using beautiful script fonts [...]

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